18 de octubre de 2015

Reseñas La rueca

Cada cierto tiempo subimos algún tema a la web Songramp, único lugar a día de hoy en donde nos suelen comentar un poco. Esta vez le tocó el turno a La rueca, del álbum Retrotronic. Reflejamos también algunas respuestas, para los curiosos.

I like it. I'm wondering what motivated you to call this "La Rueca"? 
Hi Carl! You know... "La rueca" means "The Spinning Wheel". At the beginning of the song the sounds looks like a kind of mechanism that merge into a single melodic line, like a sewing thread.

Whatever instrument comes in around :35, I really liked. Also, you did a wonderful job in contrasting the various movement. Unique blend of sounds. Highly enjoyable! Ott
Thanks so much Ott! The sound you hear around 0:35 is a synthesizer based on the Moog Micromoog.

Like the way it builds up ... and that piano at the end. Really enjoyed.

I kinda thought WTF? but as the track went on I got drawn in...

There's a lot to this piece, a lot a changes as it goes. Never sure what to expect next. I like that.

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