23 de marzo de 2015


Jodiann reseñó La mordaza y Spoon Rapael, sobre la primera:
"Oh this one sounds so mysterious and yet fast pace. So cool and nice funky background, Great Job you do here. 
y sobre la segunda:
"Nicely done has a jazz and soul feel to it even some blues, kinda peppy, very cool piano playing. I like it good job. Keep it up.

16 de marzo de 2015

Actualización del Festival Arrecife

Pocos vídeos realizados en noviembre de 2014 con la música de la orquesta pero aunque pocos, bastante buenos. Aquí adjuntamos los que hemos añadido a nuestra lista.
El último está realizado con anterioridad, pero también nos ha parecido pertinente incluirlo.

11 de marzo de 2015

101 en soundcloud

Completo fracaso de 101 en la red soundcloud y como no pagamos premium tenemos que retirarlo. Este sería el top 3:

1 Memorias del Tíbet... 11 
2 Tanger dream............. 10
3 Merci for nothing....... 7

8 de marzo de 2015


En nuestro perfil de SYM Somnam dijo: 
"These songs are awesome!


En uno de los polígonos por los que hemos dejado canciones hemos recibido unas cuantas reseñas.

Sobre La mordaza
"This is very nice. But to me it seems like only an intro to a song. A very beautiful intro, though. I feel like I've been teased! Scott Harvey
"I like the feel of this and the colors that it paints. However it is only about one minute long. I think I am missing something in a piece of music this short. What you have is very good. You need more Edward Schaffer

Sobre Spoon Rapael:
"Nice bluesey piece. with skilled instrument interplay. Again this composer has an issue in that he pieces are all short. You have the feel, and you need to extend your pieces. This one is only 1 1/2 minutes, and you need about one minute more. You would have had a 6 fron meon this if it were longer. Edward Schaffer
"The song is nice. It has a good first impact. The fix a blues song very well. The musicians are good. dfjunior

Sobre Hospital + Vuelo sin Motor:
"This piece is conveying sadness. THe production is very good and clear, and the use of instruments is also well crafted. I can see the gliding through about 80% of the piece then you transition into something that does not seem related... Then I also do not get the Hospital part. Overall fairly nice Edward Schaffer
"I liked it. You have talent in musical composition, thanks for sharing this piece you did a great job! Jodiann

7 de marzo de 2015