21 de marzo de 2016


En nuestro perfil de thesixtyone, marcares ha dejado algunos comentarios. 

En el canal: "Fabulous orchestra Arrecife"
En Galaxia: "Its piano magic in deep wide space."
En Árbol de cristal: "Its amazing that you could transition from Classical to Jazz with such ease."
En El puente de los candados: "Some delicate and scented tune to chew and stew on."
En Regreso: "Such liquid ease and fluidity, maestro!"
En Carrera clandestina de caracoles: "The mystery deepens as the race intensity rises."
En Fantasía: "The ebb and flow of the keyboards has a soothing beauty to it."
En Yaiza: "An endless journey to the fabled land of El Dorado."

También Entropy dejó un comentario en el canal:

"This is an imaginative, diverse, and very enjoyable collection. And I have only heard 4 so far. But each piece carries its own character. And I really love that. Thanks for sharing. You must have uploaded to fast because these are so under hearted. I will be back to heart more as hearts allow." 

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