7 de noviembre de 2014

Undécimo comprador

Alguien ha comprado Space swim por 5 euros, de los cuales recibiremos 2,5. Entre todas las ventas que hemos hecho a 2,5 euros ya tenemos acumulados 25, la cantidad mínima para que tramiten el pago a nuestra cuenta el día 15.

De otro lado, desde nuestra reciente inscripción en Songramp hemos recibido diez reseñas:

Ott Lukk, respecto a Fantasía dijo: 
"Very pretty piece, and some real nice variations wthin it. An enjoyable listen." 

Tim Spakoski dijo:
"I like this a lot. Love the changes and how it goes through several different movements. Definitely kept my attention"

Michael Frazier dijo:
"Love the piano work in this. Well recorded and very well played. I really enjoyed your changes. Quite melodic. Very, very nice. Two thumbs up!!!

don moore, respecto a Hospital + Vuelo sin motor, dijo:
"beautiful feel. creates a marvelous ambiance. I enjoyed the listen, although it may be about :45 -60 seconds too long (?) the ending is cool though."

Ott Lukk, volvió a reseñarnos:
"Ethereal and moody, has a real pleasant texture to it. Enjoyed! Ott"

Tim Spakoski dijo:
"The different movements in this piece are stunning. It goes from theatrical to calming to a jazz ending. Unusual and beautiful at the same time".

Michael Frazier dijo:
"Really like the way you create your changes melodically and weave them in without notice. Great timing. You are a very talented artist. Very well done all around. 

Michael Prather respecto a Galaxia dijo:
"Very nice, I like the way this ebbs and flows, enjoyed."

don moore dijo:
"great creation of ambiance and mood. Very enjoyable" 

Tim Spakoski dijo:
"Another stellar piece. The various instruments and sounds, the stereo mix and panning all added up to make a first class production. This is just marvelous. I wish I had a pair of $500 head phones so that I could hear this as it was meant to be heard"

Billly Playle  dijo:
"Very nice piece. For me the piano represented Earth in it's relative serine beauty while the synth parts represented the mystery that is beyond. Some nice builds and release. Billy

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