16 de junio de 2014

No premium, no fame

El fundador de la distribuidora Bandzoogle se molestó en escribirnos preguntándonos por los motivos del abandono de nuestra cuenta. Ésta fue la respuesta del productor:

Hi again Chris

We have been promoting our music for 3 years. In all these time we have created an account in almost 62 different sites. Buyers have paid 1.50 euros and we have received 0.39. We receive hundreds of mails a day asking us to pay for services that we can´t afford. In fact, people are using our music without permission, not considering the terms of the CC agreements.

We like Bandzoogle interface but, considering the actual situation, we can´t upgrade the service. Sorry about that and thank you for mailing us.

Orquesta Arrecife

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